Buddha paintings by Sofan Chan

Some of my earliest childhood memories from Hong Kong are being taken to many different Buddhist temples by my parents. Everywhere we went there was the peaceful face of the Buddha smiling down at us.

For me, the face of the buddha has always represented that perfect state of inner calm and awareness.

When I am painting Buddhas, I first find a very special, quiet place deep inside myself and then paint these feelings of peace and serenity.

I hope these paintings can help you to calm and focus your mind into a gentle state of perfect tranquility and inner awareness.

"Dreaming in The Garden"
Dream your life
in a bed of flowers

buddhist art
"Lily of Consciousnes"
calmly reflects on
the perfection of life

"Live Your Dreams"
every change begins
with a dream
"Rainbow Consciousness "
this buddha sees the
truth in all things.
"Golden Spirit"
joyfully taking flight
the vibrant energy
of life's dance

"Buddha's Bliss"
completely at one with the present moment
"Mind garden"
Your Mind is a garden plant beautiful seeds
"Kwan Yin "
Goddess of love and mercy embracing the world

buddhist painting
"Rythym of Divine"
color and energy dances in divine rythym
"Forest of Light"
create a sanctuary
of light and energy
buddhist art
"Wisdom Mind"
wisdom gives us strength
and power
"Laughing Buddha"
an appreciation for the all the good things in life

"Pure Senses"
absorbed in the joy of the perfect moment

"Pearls of Wisdom"
wisdom that crosses language and culture
"Face of Radiance"
an inner light that
radiates into your life
buddha face painting
"Face of Serenity"
a perfect state
of inner calm
"Face of Wisdom"
focusing on profound
inner knowledge.
"Sacred Moment"
brings tranquility to any home or office
"Absolute Happiness"
laugh your way into the forest of life's abundance

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Inspiring and meditative video comibining Sofans Buddha paintings and Buddhas Words of Wisdom