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Truth is living, it is not static, and the mind that would discover truth must also be living, not burdened with knowledge or experience.

J. Krishnamurthi

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Love and Romance
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Inspiration and Motivation
Art and Music
Families and Children
Love and Romance
Health and Beauty
Meditation and Spirituality
Happiness and Creativity

Inspiration and Motivation

Creative Evolution

So if you wish to live a more productive, dynamic and fulfilling life, then this consultancy is relevant to you

Holistic Harmony Network

Free articles and books,psychology,relationships, cassettes, self-help and life clarification process.

Inspiration for You

Inspiration Line - Art, Music, Book and Poetry Links

Links - How To Be

Free Ebook on how to be happy

Get Motivation

Motivation community complete with motivational inspirational quotes

My inner mentor

My Inner Mentor respects your desires and feelings as it increases inner awareness and empowerment:more motivation, more success. More relief from stress, anxiety, disappointment and regrets.Feel good as you power through limitations, failure....

Dare to Believe

Take a natural health course for fun or earn a professioinal certification

Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem and self confidence is the key to happiness and success

Motivation 123

Free motivational resources, quick tips, newsletters, etc

Wake Up Cloud

Discover down to earth and practical life hacks and personal development tips custom tailored for conscious people. Step in and change your life now.

Inspiration Online

Inspiration, motivation and positive life coaching online

Famous Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

Words to inspire you and start your day on a positive note


A spiritual website that aims to bring users a little closer to spirit. This site offers a wonderful section on body, mind, soul and so much more.

Art and Music

Bodyscape - Olivier Duhamel

Olivier Duhamel - Sculptor
bronzes, life castings and fine art
bodyscape studio - Waiheke Island, New Zealand



Since 1996, ArtQuest has been connecting buyers and sellers of art by email who are located all over the world. Special features include thousands of art works for sale, links library, website hosting and many free services. You'll see art listed by artists, galleries and dealers as well as those collectors who are looking to buy and sell paintings, sculpture, prints and more

Fine Art Directory

Resources for the best paint galleries and materials


Art supplies

ART SEARCH DIRECTORY Add Your Art Site! Free URL Submission
US ART JOBS Arts , culture, education, museum and theatre careers
Aux Your first choice of art!

International woodwind

High quality instruments at affordable prices

Families and Children - Market At Home, Online shopping Online shopping, Price comparison, product reviews, worldwide shopping, trading, amulets, clothing, fashion, shoes, cameras, mobile phones, computers, collectibles, travel and more.
Shopping Directory of Oceania free online catalog of relevant and useful web sites. Free submit a site to Oceania web directory and link exchange

Childbirth and Pregnancy

Submit your pregnancy or other information related website to achieve better search engine ranking

Love and Romance

Greater Good Jewellry Boutiques

Jewellries and watches

Love Poems And Quotes

Romantic collection of love poems and love quotes. Related themes including famous, inspirational, friendship, and weddings.

Anniversary Gift & Present Ideas

Wedding Anniversary present gift ideas and links to sites that can provide them

Gems 4 Friends

Alternative medicine is simply an alternative to what you're likely to find in a typical American hospital.

Health and Beauty

Eat More Herbs

We are here to help you learn about Herbs

Holistic Health and Wellness - Qigong - Tai Chi and Buddhism

Learn about holistic medicine, meditation, metaphysics and holistic health. On line holistic degrees and courses

Long Hair Boutique AeBeauty

Famous long hair celebrities, plus paintings, sculptures and artwork.

Women Health Guide

Your Ultimate source for women health care, providing information on pregnancy, baby care, women health and pragnancy & women complication with symptom and treatment....

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Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy adn the vegetarian lifestyle

Meditation and Spirituality

Tantric massage

Tantra,sacred,sexuality,tantric,teaching,sexual,healing massage, spot, male, goddess

NOVA Online Holistic Directory

NOD, NOVA Online Directory, Holistic Directory,Natural Therapies, Complemrsentary Therapists, Alternative and Open Minded practitione

Godserver Alternative ad Spiritual Directory

Alternative health, spirituality, new age, meditation


Spiritual Web Directory

Burren Yoga

Yoga products, books, relaxation items, art of gifts, alternative health

Virtual Candlen

Light a candle and enter your prayer, spell or message here. Cabdles burn down, the virtual candle lives on forever. Prayers never end...

Spiritual Mind

Meditation, Yoga, Zen, Feng Shui, Astrology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Psychics

Ananda Yoga

Ananda Yoga is known worldwide for its emphaisi in spritual training

Anantam Yoga

Health products available for you


Amazing health benefits as well as profound emotional relief


Reconnect with your inner Goddess...

Jewish Psychic

Phone readings and distant reiki healing and attunements + mythical goddess attunements/empowerments

Australian School of Tantra

Tantra for men, couples, women and singles in tantric love relationshipsns, Sedona retreats and Sedona Vortex experiences.

Sedona Sacred Journeys

Offers spiritual vacation

Inner Bonding

No other web community offers the professional advice, friendly support, and in-depth help with relationships, addictions, parenting issues, spiritual connection, anxiety and depression.

Free Feng Shui Tips

You will find free Feng shui tips, thoughts, insights, suggestions and examples that will harmonize your home.


A practical and inspirational site for anyone who wants to promote harmony and well-being in their life with yoga. Find the A2Z of Yoga over here.

Sacred Space

A website full of short stories and inspirational poems written to uplift your soul and brighten your day.

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle ~ A Place for Healing & Inspiration

Enrich your life with spiritual healing and powerful healing crystals, join us in global healing and meditation, browse our inspiration gallery and teachings library, and much more for the traveler on the spiritual path.

Incense Man

Choose from a great range of incense- all your favourute joss sticks for relaxation and meditation, including Nag Champa, Goloka, Padmini, HEM and Nitiraj-plus incense holders & burners, fragrance oils, ayurvedic soaps, aromtherapy incense, tie-dye T-shirts, crystal bracelts and pendants. Secure online ordering, personal serice.

Dr. Bonomi

El Dr. Bonomi es el author original de El Secreto y la ley de la atraccion

Happiness and Creativity

Self Improvement Link Partner Websites

Self improvement websites

Click Happiness

Life & Happiness: Find Happiness in Life. What is Happiness? Life Happiness Philosophy, quotes on happinessand life.

Friends of Vista

Informative articles for your life

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Buy essential oils, Aromatherapy oils, organic essential oils, carrier oils, organic carrier oils, Aromatherapy massage oils, organic Aromatherapy massage oils, essential oil blends and organic essential oil blends online at Oils4life Aromatherapy.

Quotes about Being Happy

Be Happy, and look the brighter side of life

Art Directory and Resource of Online Artist Gallery.

Graphic art

Feng Shui Products Store

Your One-stop Online Feng Shui shop with over 3000 Feng Shui products at low prices. Buy Feng Shui cures and enhancers, Feng Shui coins and crystal for your office, home, bedroom and kitchen to enhance your health, wealth and love luck.

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5% of all sales from this website are donated to various charities around the world which further the ideals of Love, Happiness, and Inspiration.

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