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"Three of us"
Mother and Child sculpture series

The creation and nurturing of a new life is such a special time which passes so quickly. I made these sculptures as a special reminder of this wondorous time.

To make these sculptures took many happy hours observing my friends and family play with their children, and all of these poses were typical poses which came up time and time again.

Many women have told me that they can remember holding their babies in this way, perhaps you can too. I hope you enjoy these sculptures as much as I did making them.


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"Mothers Love"

"Goddess Egg"
symbol of creation and fertility

"Mothers Love" sculpture displayed upright in modern alter setting

May your life be filled with
love, happiness, and

Rochman Reese

giftwrapping will vary depending on sculpture

All Sculptures can be gift wrapped at no extra cost and sent directly to someone special with a handwritten card - anywhere in the world.

"Spirit of Creation"
symbol of creation and fertility

Dear Rochman

Just letting you know that Precious arrived safe and soundly and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. Can't wait to see the next series.

Katie Barton

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