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Short Articles on The Art of Happiness
by Rochman Reese and Sofan Chan

"Live your dreams"
limited edition print
in large gold frame
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What is it that you really want to do? What is your own special dream that you want to live out ? Do you believe your life is going to be a masterpiece like the mona lisa .....Read more
Our Thoughts generate our actions, and our actions eventually become the reality that we live out. A simple exercise to discover what your dream is.....Read More
Our Thoughts generate our actions, and our actions eventually become the reality that we live out. A simple exercise to discover what your dream is...Read More
Have you ever experienced a sacred moment? A moment of bliss when you were so involved in what you were doing that nothing else seemed to matter? Read more
The true Art in Giving is to give from the heart without any expectation of a return. True giving comes from the same place inside you as your deepest happiness. They are inexplicably intertwined....Read more
Was there something you were not happy with, so you decided to "turn over a new leaf"? Did you spend a huge amount of your time and energy into trying to change that which you didn't like? . Read more
Have you ever asked yourself what is inspiration?When the word inspiration is broken down into it's component parts, it simply means "in - spirit". When you are living "in - spirit" You feel excited about yourself and your life. You have a special connection with all parts of your mind and body. Read more


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"Sacred Moment"
Limited edition print
by Sofan Chan
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"Absolute Happiness"
Limited edition print
by Sofan Chan
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"Yoga Shoulder Stand"
cast stone sculpture
by Rochman Reese
view larger imag

Letter sent to us from a high school teacher at an all boys school.

"Recently a musically talented year 10 student of mine was telling me that he had intended to apply for a scholarship to the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney. He had all the application papers sent out and filled them in. He was asked to come in for an audition and then at the last minute decided he couldn't go through with it.

The day after he told me this story, I received your newsletter 'How to turn your mind into a beautiful garden'. I printed it out and gave it to him to read. The next day he came and saw me to tell me that he had reapplied to the Conservatorium and had a new audition date! He said he was inspired by the words written in the newsletter and felt he was capable of doing anything he put his mind to.

I have since seen the words 'your mind is a garden in ut his mind to! which you plant seeds, you can plant flowers or you can plant weeds' written across his school folder!"

Thank you and keep the inspiration flowing,


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All images are © Rochman Reese and Sofan Chan
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