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From Painter Sofan Chan and Sculptor Rochman Reese

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"Sacred Moment"
This image will inspire you to find your own inner sanctuary



"Angel of Love"
A perfect sculpture to create an altar of peace and love.



"Kwan Yin"
The Goddess of love, mercy and compassion will fill your sacred space with abundant kindness.



"Angel of Protection"
This angel will encourage you to find the power of your own inner strengths.



"Lily of Consciousness"
Countless meditation centres around the world have used this image to create feelings of perfect calm. You can too.



"Earth Goddess"
gives her blessings to all who ask, showing you life's wonderful fullness.




"Moonlight Spirit"
Blossoming lilies emerge
from the tranquil blue waters, creating peace and tranquility.


Have you ever experienced a "Sacred Moment" ?

This is a moment of bliss when you were so involved in what you were doing that you felt light and happy and nothing else seemed to matter. A moment where you found your own real peace and power.

Every human is capable of experiencing these special moments. They can happen anywhere, at anytime. Think carefully, when was the last time you felt like this?

If your answer is “I can’t remember.” Or “It has been too long ago” then maybe the question you need to ask yourself is :-

“How can I bring this back to my daily life ?”

You can experience more sacred moments in your life by doing one very simple thing:- "SLOW DOWN"!

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast. You also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” Eddie Cantor.

Do you live your life at a breakneck speed, rushing from one experience to the next? Barely giving yourself enough time to process the last event before rushing off to your next activity? This has become so common in modern society that it now seems "normal". However, it is not.

Your natural state is one of love, happiness and tranquility, and if you take the time to look deep inside yourself, you will find it. For beneath all of your countless desires to rush this and finish that, underneath the pressures and deadlines of modern life, exists your our own special, quiet space where you will experience your own sacred moments.

Throughout the ages, nearly every spiritual master has pointed to the power of inner silence as the source of enlightenment. When you begin to discover this power for yourself, your whole life will change. You will begin to live in a blissful state of love, happiness and tranquility.

Set aside a special time dedicated to visiting your own inner space of silence. The most important thing is that you make this a daily part of your life. It sounds unbelievable that doing such a simple thing as getting quiet can lead to such powerful results, but it is true. Just try it.

Make the commitment that for the next 30 days, you are going to set aside half an hour every day to finding your own sacred moments. Ask yourself “Is it possible for me to watch half an hours less television every night or get out of bed half an hour earlier every morning?” If your answer is yes :-

The rewards are beyond comprehension.

Every day, before you start, say out loud “I dedicate this half hour to my next sacred moment"

Gradually your experiences of sacred moments become longer and will happen more often. Until finally they lead you towards a state of continual bliss.

Have you ever walked into a library, a meditation room or a church and felt the overwhelming sense of quiet that pervades these places? This is because actions that are repeatedly performed in the same location imprint their energy onto the area.

You can easily imprint this same peaceful energy at your home or workplace.

Start by dedicating one small area of your home or office as a place to experience "sacred moments" It could be a whole room dedicated to performing yoga, taichi or some other form of meditation, or it could be one corner of your room where you perform your half hours sitting meditation every day. The important thing here is to practice everyday in the same spot for the next thirty days.

What you are doing is imprinting your own feelings of peace and tranquility into this area. Which means that the more you meditate in this location the easier it will become for you to slip into this special timeless state. Fill this area with inspiring, beautiful artworks and turn “sacred space” into something really special. A temple for your soul.

For thousands of years Artworks have been recognised as one of the most powerful tools in focusing the mind towards a state of divine bliss and tranquility. They work by sending powerful messages directly into your subconscious mind.

Imagine a friend or family member walking into the special "Sacred Space" that you have created. Immediately they begin to feel calm and at ease. Their worries slip away, and they begin to unconsciously relax. This is what makes creating peace within your home and yourself one of the greatest things you can do for others.

Many meditation centres and yoga studios display our Artworks to help create powerful feelings of divine love, happiness and tranquility in their practice areas.

Creating a special "sacred space" is one of the most powerful ways of generating calmness and tranquility. We hope that you will be inspired to experience the awesome power of your own inner peace.

You will soon begin to experience the amazing effects that this simple practice will bring to your life.

Fill your Life with Love Happiness and Tranquility

Rochman Reese and Sofan Chan

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