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"Bird of Paradise"
Commissioned Painting for Carolyn, Sydney Australia

Do You have a something special you would like transformed into a spectacular work of art?

Or is there an image in this web site you feel specially drawn towards whose original painting has already been sold

I really enjoy painting special commissions for people. You may have a certain place which you are looking to find something that is "just right" or their may an image in your mind of something you feel drawn to and would like a special painting created.

Any image you see on this web site can be recreated in a similar painting to a specific size or to suit your own individual desires.

Please note, the recreation may be similar, but is never exactly the same. Every painting is unique.

Dear Sofan,

I love it!
Sydney, Australia

When I do a commission I like to imprint it with the thoughts and colours of the person who I am creating it for. I send out regular progress emails so that you can see how it is progressing. Creating a commission is a fun fun process.

You can email me for more information on prices and the time needed to finish your special creation.

Please include the following details such as

  • the dimensions of the painting
  • the colours scheme of where will it be hung,
  • any special colours you would like emphasized
  • and anything else you feel is important.
  • Let Your creation begin !

Commissioned Painting
"Moonlight Spirit"

Hi Sofan

It was great to see you and my "Moonlight Spirit" painting on Saturday. I am very happy with the painting!

I have been thinking that I would like one more painting for my bedroom. Would you recommend one of the flowers, my favorite is the "Frangipani" Also the paler colours of "frangipani" may be more suitable for a bedroom. I was thinking possibly a painting 800x 800 could you let me know how much that would cost.

Hope you are well, speak to you soon.

Michelle Watt

Commissioned Painting

"I consider myself very fortunate to have the art of Sofan Chan in my home. I asked Sofan to paint one of my favorite flowers, the oriental lilly, and from that point on, I enjoyed the wonderful journey of how an initial thought transpired into a most beautiful work of Art.

The paintings have definitely bought a special presence to my home and I often feel that the lily's reflects my moods and thoughts. In this way I am able to see in them new and ever-changing aspects at different times.

This is what I love about Sofan's art - it is not a static image hanging on the wall, but rather a conversation between the artist and the observer which creates a very special energy."

Rebecca Zuffo

Please email me

For more information on prices and the time needed to finish your special creation.

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