Lovers romantic paintings by Sofan Chan

We created these romantic paintings and sculptures as a way of expressing our own special loving relationship. Living in a loving space we inspire each other to expand that feeling into our artworks everyday.

In our lovers paintings and sculptures we want to share the special feelings of love that happens when soulmates find each other and expand and grow on their journey together.

We believe that what you focus your mind on is what you become. By the careful placement of loving artworks, you can create a heartfelt space for love and romance to grow and flourish.

"Dreams of Love"
Dream your life
with your soulmate

"Love Blossoms"
Colorful state where love blossoms and grows

lovers painting
"Your Heart is my Home"
Share your love and
a home is created
"Journey of Love"
Soulmates travelling their life's journey togther
When soulmates merge a happy and shared moment
romantic painting
"Love Shines"
Soulmates together
create a shining love

"The Lovers"
inspired by the perfect union of souls

"The Kiss"
a playful and fun
romantic moment

"Together We Dream"
Two people share their
lives and dreams togetehr

"Intimate Garden"
inspired by the perfect union of souls

"Garden of Love"
When two people nurture and share lives
romantic art
"Eternal Love"
Love Blossoms like
a lotus unfolding

Other Lovers Artworks you might like - Rochman's Story of Love Sculpture Series

Two lovers flowing into
one beautiful form

"Growing Together"

Wall hanging sculpture
lovers sculpture
"Tantric Love"
Love, Passion, Energy and intensity


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