Rainy Day Reading: Enjoying Your Sofa with a Good Book

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Rainy Day Reading: Enjoying Your Sofa with a Good Book

For many people who enjoy reading, rainy days can be one of the best times to curl up with a good book at home. The sound of the rain, a warm blanket, and a comfortable chair are often the ingredients for a relaxing day spent immersed in a story about love, mystery, or adventures in far off places. Readers can let their imaginations take flight with a work of fiction or read about the real lives of admirable or famous people. When it comes to books, there is always something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their personal preferences. Reading is even a great pastime for kids. When parents read to their children, they may help establish a love of books even before their children learn to read on their own. Reading to children can also help build their communication and listening skills, as well as their imaginations.Readers have many options when it comes to how they consume their stories. Traditional hard copy books are still an option that many choose, but electronic books are an increasingly appealing alternative for people who enjoy reading. Not only are they good for the environment, but they benefit the reader by allowing them to store a large number of books right on the device. They also provide readers with the option to tailor the pages in terms of font, font size, and even background color, which can be helpful for certain readers. For example, some older readers may increase the font size for easier reading. However a person chooses to read, a quiet spot with little interruptions is ideal.

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Some of Sofan's Beautiful artworks
Each limited edition print comes in a variety of sizes and formats, both framed and unframed. Click on any image to view a larger version and read each painting's unique story.

click to view full size image and purchase
Bird of Paradise
Floral wings gracefully
embracing life's beauty.
Ready to soar.

orchid painting
Enchanted Orchid
With soft petals and subtle fragrances orchids are the most sensuous flower.

lily painting
Since ancient times the lily has been a powerful symbol of beauty and purity.

Time Passage
A soothing golden light
shines on the blossoming lily,
easing busy minds.


Sacred Moment
This calming image
gently draws you towards
more peace and tranquility.

click to view full size image and purchase
Moonlight Spirit
Blossoming lilies emerge from the tranquil blue waters, creating peace and tranquility.

Blue Lagoon
Drawn to the golden sunlightwe swim ever closer to the surface.


click to view full size image and purchase
Beneath the Shining Sea
Colourful fishes swirl
and play in the never
ceasing dance of life.

click to view full size image and purchase
Floating Lotus
Soft petals on soft water, You calmly float above the surface of all.

click to view full size image and purchase
Tranquil Waters
Soft fluid motion
draws us to our centre,
moving through life's waters.

 Whispering to the Fish
A soft voice calls to you gently
about new possibilities
and coming change.

Dancing in the Vortex
Come dance in the playful energising swirl of watery movement.

"My Enchanted Orchid, brings happy memories of Australia right around the world to my home in Rio. See you guys next trip."

Carolyn Brissett



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