Love and Romance Paintings - Your Heart is My Home

This lovers painting will draw you closer to an ideal of romantic playfulness.

Inspired by the romantic love we call home, celebrating that heartfelt space where two can share there love.

This series also includes "Lovers" and "Your Heart is My Home" and "The Kiss " that together tell the story of taming and harnessing the power of your dreams.

A halo of majestic colours surrounds the woman, contrasting against the soft, noble blues of the man blending into the background. A loving reminder that when you share your love and dreams with another, a home is created.

Looking for a gift for someone special?

At your request, Sofan's beautiful limited edition prints can be giftwrapped and can be shipped directly to the person you wish to receive the gift. We can also insert a special handwritten message card from you at no extra charge. Makes a wonderful and unique gift idea.

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'Your Heart is my Home'

Is available in the following sizes
Large Framed print
Large unframed print $ 75
Small Framed print $ 80
Small Unframed print $ 40

Each limited edition print has been individually numbered and hand signed by the artist and comes with a small story on the back of the print about the inspiration behind the painting.

This painting is available in two sizes both framed and unframed as a limited edition print on paper hand signed by the artist Sofan Chan.
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Framed in antique gold Large Frame
40 cm x 50 cm
(16" x 18")


Large Print mounted
ready to frame
40 cm x 50 cm
(16" x 18")


25cmx 30cm
(10" x 12")


Small UnframedPrint 25cmx 30cm
(10" x 12"


All unframed prints have been mounted on durable MDF backingboard and are surrounded by a high quality limestone white colored matboard. Unframed prints are supplied completely ready to place into a frame and are packed in a clearand glossy celophane wrapper for their protection.

Framed prints are placed behind glass in a high quality wooden frame made from plantation grown timber. The antique gold finish has been carefully selected to enhance all of the wonderful warm and vibrant colours of Sofan's paintings. Each framed print comes professionaly finished and ready to hang straight away.

Special offer on complete set of all four framed limited edition prints
Normally $600 for a Limited time only $450! Click here to order
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"The Lovers" "Together We Dream" "Your Heart is my Home" "The Kiss "
Often people who have placed our romantic artworks in their homes have come back to us with amazing stories about how their relationships and lives have improved. Here is one such story.

Dear Sofan,

I just wanted to write you a short letter to describe to you the joys that your paintings and prints have brought into my life. Particularly “The Lovers” series.

I was drawn to them immediately and just had to have them. I came to discover later that these prints were to have a profound effect on my life.

In my bedroom, as a Feng Shui exercise ( where you should place things as pairs), I had the first two prints from “The Lovers” series framed and hung them, then included other pairs of things ie candles, statues etc to invite a new relationship into my life.

Now Sofan, this is where the profound things started to happen!! Within weeks (I’m not exaggerating) I met a lovely man, a policeman, bald- or in his case- a closely shaven head. You might think I'm crazy but I recognised the symbology strait away. The man in my beloved prints had literally arrived into my life – bald and dressed in blue!

The attraction and relationship itself was deep from the start and grows with each passing day. We have been together for the past 12 months and are making long term plans for a life beyond my wildest dreams. I must mention here that I purchased the next two prints and hung them in my bedroom about 6 months into the relationship and they are truly treasured by both of us.

Sofan, just like the prints – I truly believe the passion you have painted into your works have an energy and life of their own. You are an inspiration, Sofan. You are living your dream and painting it too!!

So until next purchase, kindest regards,

Nicole Thorndike ( nee Robinson)


Four Secrets to Maintaining a Blissfully Happy Relationship

Each one of these paintings represents one of the four most important secrets in maintaining a fulfilling and happy relationship with your soulmate. We'd like to share these secrets with you.

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"The Lovers"
Secret 1...... Maintain the passion of falling in love.

Do you remember when you first fell in love? Was it an amazing time when your passions burned so brightly that they were visible to everyone around you ? Nothing else seemed to matter except the joy of being with the one you loved ?

Too often, this flame burns very brightly for just a short time in the beginning of the relationship and then fades out when day to day busy lives take over. That raw passion diminishes over time quite is natural, as the relationship develops and grows into something greater. However it is essential not to let this flame die out completely. "The Lovers" is a powerful reminder of the passion and joy of falling in love for you to continually refuel this flame.

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"Together We Dream"
Secret 2......Communicate and share your dreams.

Do you remember when you were holding your lover in your arms and talking about your secrets and dreams? Some people manage to merge their dreams together into something which is achievable for both of them, and some let their dreams just fade away and die. A life without dreams is a very sad and dull thing indeed.

What is very important in maintaining a blissful relationship is that one person's dreams don't overpower the other persons. A true loving relationship is one of support and sharing the load in helping your partner achieve their dreams. However, it has to work both ways.

Too often though, one person has a dream or a plan, and unconsciously assumes that their partner automatically shares this dream. It is very important to talk and communicate your dreams with your partner. The best way is when you can merge your lives into a shared dream. "Together We Dream" will remind you that when you dream their lives together, nothing can stand in your way.

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Your Heart is my home
Secret 3......Create a shared home in your hearts together.

Do you remember a special shared moment when you felt both of your hearts beating together in perfect synchronicity ? Home is not just a physical place. It is a heartfelt space created when two people come together in a state of love and understanding. It a special place filled with warm and nurturing feelings where both people feel safe and secure.

Like any good home, there must first be strong foundations for a loving relationship to be built on. Over time, each loving action you perform in your relationship adds another brick to your special home. There is and old expression "Home is where the heart is" perhaps it means that Your Home is where your two hearts merge together. "Your Heart is My Home" is a beautiful representation of two people who are creating their own special home of love together.

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The Kiss
Secret 4......Let every day have at least one kiss and one playful moment.

Can you remember a moment of childlike perfection when the joy of being alive and with someone you loved filled your being? A time when just being with the person you loved made you want to laugh and filled you with a childlike energy. It is so important never to let a day go by without kissing your partner. (And meaning it too!)

Sharing laughter and playing together is a great way to renew your feelings of love. So make sure that every day you give your beloved a kiss and a smile. It's not always easy, but it is always important. A relationship is not just something that happens in a day. Life with your soulmate is a daily experience over a lifetime. So every day is important. "The Kiss" shows you that perfect playful moment of shared childlike joy.

The experience of Love is priceless. Can you imagine creating a special place in your home that radiates such warm and loving energy ?

How it works is very simple. What you hold in your mind on a day to day basis determines what you will experience in your life. By placing these loving images in a special location in your house every time you see them your unconscious mind will start to think more thoughts of love and happiness. Gradually your thoughts become more consciously loving until you find your life filled with love and happiness.

Are you already in a relationship with someone special? Is this person your soulmate? When you place these special images of love in a sacred space you create a special room filled with loving and harmonious energy for both of you to share. A place where only love can enter.

In order to encourage as many people as possible to fill their lives with love and happy energies, we have a very special limited edition run of these wonderful paintings which will help you to fill your life with loving energy. Each image will serve you as a powerful visual reminder and encourage you to experience a happier and more loving relationship.



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Each limited edition print comes hand signed by the artist Sofan Chan with it's own special series number and certificate of authenticity.

Professionally framed in a specially selected antique gold frame which has been carefully chosen to bring out the warm yellow and orange highlights of the artwork. These wonderful "Lovers Series" artworks are supplied ready to hang on your wall. No waiting weeks just to have them framed.

In some framing shops, just these four high quality antique gold finished frames alone could sell for well over $600. And that would be on top of the price of the print!

However, for a very limited time, you are able to own the set of all four hand signed limited edition prints, for only $450. That's a saving over $150 for the set of four prints!

We are sure sure that once you see your lovers series hanging on your wall you will like them so much that they come with a money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason just send the artworks back undamaged within 90 days for a full refund (does not include freight charges), no questions asked, and you still get to keep all of the great special bonuses as a free gift!

And that's not all :- For a very limited time, those who take advantage of this special offer will also receive these very special bonuses absolutely free! Whether you are currently in a relationship or waiting for your soulmate you will find both of these ebooks extremely insightful and helpful in forming a blissfully happy relationship.

  • 101 Romantic Ideas
    Written by relationship expert and best selling author Michael Webb, this wonderful ebook is filled with simple things you can do each day to fill your life with love and romance. A must read for every couple.
  • The Five Minute Miracle
    A very special ebook which teaches you how to use the spiritual power of love to enhance your loving relationships in only five minutes a day.

  • 4 magnetic picture frames to hold your photos onto your fridge or other metal surfaces.
    These magnetic frames are a special mixture of images from Sofans most colourful paintings harmoniously blended together so that you can surround your precious photos of your loved ones with a blaze of happy colours. Normally priced at $10 each these wonderful photo frames are yours for free.
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Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying my lovers painting.
Everybody comments on it and I love it!

Thank you
Jenni Barrand


Dear Rochman and Sofan,

Whilst at a conference in Sydney I had the opportunity to purchase the prints in the Lover’s series. I so totally fell for them.

As a marriage celebrant and a person who holds love in high esteem, your work touched me.

Thank You

Elisabeth O'Brien
Authorised Marriage Celebrant



Special offer on complete set of all four framed limited edition prints
Normally $600 for a Limited time only $450! Click here to order
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"The Lovers" "Together We Dream" "Your Heart is my Home" "The Kiss "


Now available as a Limited edition Prints on Canvas

Printed on archival quality Artists's Canvas, this new range of limited edition prints is truly amazing. This special printing technology utilises seven different pigment based printing inks to get amazing range of color reproduction which are virtually indistinguishable from her original oil paintings.

The soft weave of this high quality artist's canvas gives a texture to the image very similiar to Sofan's original painting.

Being close to the size of her original Artworks, these canvas reproductions are truly spectacular, filling any area they are placed with brilliant colours and vibrant, happy energy.

All printed canvases are stretched on high quality 40mm (1.5") timber frames and are supplied ready to hang up straight away.

It is not nessecary to frame these canvases as the sides of the canvas have been carefully coloured to match the printed image. The canvases look great just hanging up the way they are. Although of course these canvases can be framed if you so choose.

The printed canvases come in in these standard sizes :-

50cm x 60cm
100cm x 120cm
(40" x 48")


We can also print special sizes for you if you have a specific area where you would like to place your canvas. email us for more details

Status of Original Oil Painting - SOLD
oil on board
- size 50cm x 50cm (20" x 20")

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All images are © Rochman Reese and Sofan Chan

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