Goddess sculpture - Ancient Wisdom

This sculpture is a calm reminder of the ancient, peaceful wisdom in everything.

It always surprises me when shapes start to emerge almost of their own accord. The original carving of this sculpture took on a life of it's own, seeming to guide my hands and the chisels. Out of this crumbly, weathered piece of sandstone, this magnificent goddess sculpture appeared.

This serene goddess figure represents that ancient energy at the beginning of creation. The soft lines contrast with the weathered sandstone texture to give a feeling of great age and wisdom.

As you hold this sculpture, running your fingers over the weathered texture, you will be reminded of the ancient energy and wisdom that pervades all things.

Looking for a gift for someone special?

All sculptures are shipped gift wrapped in a beautiful presentation box and can be shipped directly to the person you wish to receive the gift. We can also insert a special handwritten message card from you at no extra charge. Makes a wonderful and unique gift idea.

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All Sculptures are hand signed by the Artist and come with their own story card to help you to connect with the original idea of the sculpture.

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'Ancient Wisdom'
reconstituted sandstone sculpture
size 140mmx110mmx90 mm (6" x 5" x 4")
Price $75

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Each sculpture has been lovingly made from hand cast reconstituted sandstone and has a lovely ancient weathered stone texture.

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All images are © Rochman Reese and Sofan Chan

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