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Discovery your own superpower

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Angel of Love - Sculpture by Rochman Reese

Angel of Love - Sculpture by Rochman Reese. Available at www.theartofhappiness.net

My little 2 years old boy Figgy, his favourit shirt is spiderman and my 6 years old Jarrah, his favourite are Bob the builder.  They wear them everywhere, and almost everyday, they don’t mind they got dirty and shabby or holy (full of holes). To them, it means super power and by wearing the shirts, they are recognizable super heroes to other people.

Have you noticed that little boys love wearing T-shirts with icon of superman, Spiderman, BenTen, Ninja Turtles printed on them… all super heroes?

Do you think that they like the super heroes, or imagining themselves to be the super heroes who have great extraordinary powers to do great things? My two boys, they are definitely fall into the latter fantasy.

Everyone has inborn superpower. It is the thing you excel easily and enjoy doing the most. You may even be willing to do it without pay, to stay late at night and to get out of bed early for. And by doing it, you feel authenticity and whole. The love and the enjoyment, the willingness of doing more and the passion which accompanying what so called your talents, give you a sense of superpower.

The path you want to create with your superpower is difficult and lonely at times, but you love doing it, nothing can really stop you doing it. This is your superpower.

The things you want to do with your superpower are still full of obstacles and come with no manual and instructions, where you are heading is unclear and undefined, it is like fumbling in the dark with a tiny flashlight for a tiny little key to huge mystery – purpose in life. Yes, it is scary and it does come with excitement. Yes, it is lonely and it is packed with self discoveries. Yes, it is discouraging at times and it is ever expanding self love.

To Jarrah, is climbing tall objects, it can be tree, walls, poles, roof top, etc.

To Figgy, is digging in the garden to find his babies, like worms, bugs, snails or simply anything than moves.

To me, this is painting and art. What it is to you?

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About Sofan Chan

Painting is a form of meditation for me. When I am truly in tune with what I am painting, the inspiration begins to flow, and the paint takes on a life of it's own and effortlessly appears onto the canvas.


  1. it is very beautiful and nice site.This is a great article to remind all bloggers .this is a very great and nice article. What is happiness? Asking someone to define happiness is like asking him/her to define success.

  2. When you are into the moment with a painting, music, writing, golf or even cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the floor you are into that special relationship between creativity and happiness. Your mind is occupied with what is important in the present moment. It’s tough to feel happiness when you are thinking of past regrets and failures and future worries!

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