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Near Death Experience

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golden spirit
The sun finally was poking its head out for a short while after a week of rain. I was lulled to the garden to soak up the sun for my solar energy and positivities.

Thousands of big and small green star shaped fruits are hanging abundantly off the star fruits tree at the back of the chook pen. Very pretty. All the leafy limbs are so heavily loaded with star fruits, all got pulled down so low and formed a beautiful rounded lantern like space inside the tree.

I had to low my head and bent down slightly, like bowing to this magnificent fruit bearing goddess before entering her sacred temple.

Inside the temple, I noticed there was a small carton box sitting right under the main trunk. It looked out to place.

I opened the box, a small pile of unrecognizable rotten flesh and hundreds of bug, flies and maggots crawling and feasting off whatever it was life once revealing to me.  The sight of what happened after death rattled my heart beat up over 100 second per minute, I screamed out loud and jumped backward almost fell off the sandstone steps, like getting attacked by a six-feet-tall fierce hungry lion.

When I was a child, I had helped my mother to kill, gut, cut and cook chickens, ducks, fish, turtles for food preparation. It did not trouble me then and still killing for food and handling carcass do not bother me now.

Then what is that frightened me so much? Is it my own MORTALITY?

This long-forgotten-possum, originally was found injured by Cassia and Jarrah, in the garden.

They wanted to nurse it back to its full life force. Unfortunately, the possum did not make it through the cold long lonely night in a tiny carton box, wrapped up like a new born baby with a fluffy blanket.

Even though, intellectually, I understand life is terminal and death is unavoidable, It took me by surprise that I flinched at the sight of death and decay.

I picked up my shovel, dug a big hole under this stunningly beautiful fruit bearing goddess tree, buried the possum in it, and returned its physical body to where it came from – The Earth. The possum’s physical body is going to vanish and decay and its spirit….. keeps on.

About The Painting:

‘Golden Spirit’
Oil painting by Sofan Chan

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About Sofan Chan

Painting is a form of meditation for me. When I am truly in tune with what I am painting, the inspiration begins to flow, and the paint takes on a life of it's own and effortlessly appears onto the canvas.

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